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Now is the time to live an inspired life, one which allows you to design the life you really want. By accentuating your creativity and imagination in the areas of your optimal aptitudes and abilities, you allow for the expression of your purpose to emerge freely. We will discover how this best fits with your specific interests and goals and align accordingly for your unique style.

Then, we will identify any obstacles or stops that are slowing down your progress and neutralize them. Your energy, focus and sense of well being will increase dramatically, thus allowing for the re-designing of your amazing life!

I have enjoyed over 25 years working in this field, with over 1000 people. It is my pleasure helping others find solutions while assisting them in the implementation of those components in their Life By Design.

I excel in designing what’s next, while taking into account the practical and personal aspects of your life stage. I will help you to realize how you can harness the power of your body, mind and soul for optimal living by design, with you individually, or with your organization.

Please sign up for your free 15 minute discovery session using the calendar below, it only takes one minute to have your session confirmed. I will look forward to speaking with you so we can identify the areas of your life you would like to improve. I will be initiating the call for the time you reserve below.

Best Regards,

David Vletas
Strategic Intervention Coaching