"The Energy Healing Process" 

Love Energy Healing

- Heal Your Body

- Reduce Your Stress

- Tap Into Your Energy 

- Create A "Sustainable You"

- Awaken From The Illusion Of Our Separateness

"Rejuvenate & Align Your Life"


When we elevate our lives in a "Fully Integrated" way, we are tapping into The Energy That Makes Life Happen. 


Participating in this online course as part of achieving your Work-Life Balance & Goals changes everything.


Tapping Into "The Ready To Process"

Creating A "Sustainable You"

While Elevating Your Immune System!

If you don't understand how amazingly powerful processes are, watch this 2 min. video to see the life I created for myself and in my business by using "The Ready To Process". 

Let's begin creating your personalized version of this together!

Giving yourself permission to:

"Jump Off The Edge Newly" 

As you create sustainable habits in your life you access your energy and skills in the face of your circumstances and challenges.

Making them into opportunities.

What are your plans for, 

Real Wellness & Health in 2021?

How are you going to create optimal 

performance for your team and business?

Tap into your energy and fall in love with yourself, (Body, Mind, Heart & Soul)

then never leave! This elevates everything.

This is "Life By Design"


I'll show you how. In this 5 Day guided course, we'll walk through a proven process "The Ready to Process" for transitioning to the life you really want to live!

The reason your goals don't stick?

You don't have an integrated process to follow, which turns your goals into results.

Aligning your gift with your why in a focused and committed way is how to create lasting satisfaction and fulfillment. This is also how to optimize your contribution to the world. You might ask what is my why? We are going to begin exploring and discovering that together.


I believe participating in this online course is the simplest way to begin creating and having the quality of life you really envision for yourself, your family, and in your business.


It is a digital world and you can do anything you commit to and, live anywhere you desire.


Are you ready to?


When You Are Ready To

Everything Opens Up

And now, you don't have to do it alone

Courses like this are valued at $1997  and, we are giving a 75% Corona discount, so now you can get it for - 

Only $497

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  • Costa Rica Wellness Institute

    ““David helped me in a way and time that I never found in decades of therapy and pharmaceutical medications prescribed by my therapist and doctors.

    Thank you for holding my hand”

    Clicia 70592247_10219780861336998_815545011687915520_n

    VP Morgan Stanley, Wall Street, NYNY

  • Costa Rica Wellness Institute

    “This is a fantastic recommendation!
    “Vletas' love of nature and humanity invites us to live more ...
    With echoes of Thoreau and Muir, Mr. Vletas' love of nature
    and humanity invites us to live more authentic lives and reject the
    "North American default"-the well-worn paths of mindless material
    acquisition and shallow relationships. He is a contemporary Joseph Campbell, encouraging us to seek our own bliss and showing us the way with practical advice.”””


    CEO Master Wellness YMCA

  • Costa Rica Wellness Institute

    “““A great method to move past the anxiety that indecision can cause in your life!
    Much of the anxiety that we cause ourselves can be alleviated by simply making a decision and taking action, and that simple philosophy is expressed here through a natural lens that makes so much sense.

    There are many parts of David's methods that resonated with me, but the one I found most applicable to me was simply evaluating your situation, assessing your options, and making a decision to move forward!””


    CEO, Investor, Trans Visualist Productions

You have an incredible vision living inside of you.

Don't let it fester. If you don't give yourself permission to then who will? 

In This Course You'll Learn:

  • How To Awaken your Body and Fortify Your Base! While Elevating Your Immune System.
  • Elevate your Mind (Healing your Trauma Triggers)  "Mental Alchemy" Turning Fear Into Love & Light.
  • While Connecting Deeply with your Heart & Soul's universal oneness, awakening and remembering.
  • Your body is a tool, to assist you in aligning with your mind, heart and soul. So, we need to optimize the body first. "Intentional Transitioning By Design" 
  • Proper Nutrition - Consistent Exercise - Quality Sleep -Reduced Toxicity - Elevated Energy - Alignment Keys     
  • When You Reduce Your Stress You Reduce Your Chances For Disease. When you are aligned here you are healing.
  • Lifestyle transitioning, so you are living the life you really want, without all the stress and chaos you have been tolerating in previous life phases. Pause / Reset / Begin!

5 Day Guided Course  

Listen to David describe exactly what's in this course and a little about his background: 

Discover Your Gifts & Genius 
PLUS A Daily Zoom Conference with David

We Will Be Meeting From 6:00 - 7:30 PM CST


Day 1:

 Your Internal Conversations and launching your new Life Phase requires that you have your inner game be the priority. Peace lives here:) I will teach you new tools to practice this! Learning how to get from where you are now to where you really want to be. Crossing this gap changes everything, it's a new life with new skills.

Day 2:
"Rejuvenate Body"

A fully integrated approach is the key to sustainable results. Connecting these dots consistently, will cultivate your optimal Health & Well-bing. When we Awaken the Body, elevate the mind and connect deeply with your soul, awareness increases. You will learn a specific technique for tapping into energy in a way you have not experienced before.

Day 3:
"Rejuvenate Mind"

Elevating your Mind, Getting Beyond your Trauma Triggers. When we live our lives from our meant for, whatever that is, wherever that is, and with whom ever that is, satisfaction and fulfillment show up. And, when we remove our blocks this allows for flow and abundance to enter our lives in a new way. This is Life By Design.

Day 4:
"Rejuvenate Soul"

Connecting Deeply with Your Soul. When your, Body, Mind "Protocols" are aligned Integration happens. As you begin to write your desired results, what you envision for your new Life Phase, we can map it out and create a plan to make it happen. 

             Day 5:             Make It Real Practice

You are ready to continue your "Practice". Way to go! But what's next? More focus, discovery and design work with the required structure, accountability, and coaching to make your goals into results. This is what is lacking in New Years resolutions!


All the help, support, and resources you need to be successful:

- Daily released content to move you towards your goals.

- Daily review of the new modules and lessons on Zoom.

- Daily accountability call to check your progress,

and answer all of your questions live via Zoom.

- If you register today you will get a one hour call with David at the end of the course to keep you on track and to see what's next.

- You will get a free PDF copy of David's #1 Best Selling Amazon Book "Jumping Off The Edge Responsibly"

Creating Certainty Out Of Uncertainty

The Best Is Yet To Come!


David Vletas
Founder of The Costa Rica Wellness Institute / CRWI

Happiness is now it's about creating and living the life you really envision, the one which  you were born for. Giving ourselves permission to do what we love is critical. Taking decisive action now and in the direction of what you love, while course correcting along the way is how you make it happen. When we have gratitude, abundance is an energy we can tap into. We are part of it. Learning the process of how to tap into it is key. That is why the "The Ready To Process" is a game changer for accessing your purpose. It's in large part about awakening how to access it, and having a duplicatable process in place to make it all happen and to make it real. Consistency is critical.

The Costa Rica Wellness Institute, a global consulting firm that designs and implements initiatives to elevate individuals, families and corporate performance. It is in our satisfaction and an overall mindfulness for life where we connect to our optimal aptitudes for contribution. Vletas has worked with over two thousand people since 1992 mentoring and coaching them to produce transformational results for themselves, their families and their corporate activities. Our sustainable future, and one focused on renewable resources are increasingly important for the planet. We are in an “Energy Renaissance”increasing our individual abilities and our technological efficiencies. If you believe our overall corporate contribution is enhanced by training individuals to optimize their skills then, register for the course so we can begin. People Are Our Best Energy!



 I want this course to be the one you remember for successfully transitioning yourself and your business into the lifestyle you really want to create and live!

Creating a specific vision of your next life phase is key to having it become real. Then you can begin the implementation of your dream, and the life you envision.

Tapping into your creativity, kindness, love, and abundance, Let's begin now!   

Yes, give me the course for $497!

 Question & Answer

Here are some video answers to a few questions I got throughout the program

Don't hear your questions answered in the video? Email me: David@DavidVletas.com


What exactly do I get with this course?



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We start Monday Begin NOW! Join us to Heal your Body, Reduce your Stress, and Elevate your Energy. While creating the projects you love and the life you really want to live. This is Life By Design.